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The windows registry is a database file which stores the important operating system and application data information in an organized way such that it can be utilized for the proper running of the operating system and the software installed in it. Over a period of time, due to the frequent additions to the registry and improper cleaning of the registry by different software programs installed into the computer, the registry can contain a huge amount of junk data stored in it and hence the size of the Windows Registry will buldge up which will result in delay in loading the applications or the operating system.

Remote Registry Cleaner helps you to identify the junk data that is stored in the registry in a safer way and hence delete or fix them which results in the faster running of applications and the OS. Remote Registry Cleaner also helps to identify the unwanted files stored in the computer and hence enable you to clear them. This will boost up the application speed and will save the disk space in your computer.

The most important feature of Remote Registry Cleaner is it's ability to scan and repair the registry and files in a remote or network computer. This will help a computer administrator to silently scan and fix all the unwanted data from a network PC even while a user is using the computer. Remote Registry Cleaner is the only network registry cleaner that works for network PC and local PC.

Remote Registry Cleaner quickly scan and repairs the PCs in the network. Remote Registry Cleaner has inbuilt backup functions which will safely backup the computer and hence you do not have to worry about losing of any important data.

The new features of Remote Registry Cleaner include system wide scanning of temporary and log files which are safe to be deleted. In addition to the existing feature of repairing the temporary files created by Internet Explorer browser, the new verison supports cleaning of temporary cache files stored by Firefox internet browser.

Remote Registry Cleaner Box
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The main features of Remote Registry Cleaner can be divided into five categories.
1. Registry Clean Up
  Help File Clean Up Scans for the invalid file pointers in the help file section in the registry and fixes the listed out invalid items.
  Add/Remove Programs Scans and list the Add/Remove section of the registry for invalid installation files and folders and fixes them.
  ActiveX/COM Verifies the integrity of the ActiveX/COM registration entries in the registry and fixes them.
  Application Paths Scans in the Application Paths section of the registry for invalid paths and deletes them.
  Windows Fonts Fixes the incorrect font entries registered in the registry.
  Shared Dlls Scans for the shared dlls pointed out in the registry and checks the integrity of each entry.
  Software Scans through the software installation section in the registry to remove the incorrect pointers.
  File Extension Check for the default programs for the registered file extensions and fixes incorrect entries.
  Startup Programs Checks if the startup section is pointing to any non-existent files and fixes them for smoother startup of the system.
  Sound And App Events Scans through the respective registry paths to fix invalid entries.
  Installer Checks for the installed applications and deletes entries for invalid files or folders.
  User MRU List List out the most recently used program entries from the registry and deletes them to minimize registry size.
  Image File Execution Repairs the invalid options that is stored in the area in the registry that tells Windows what to do when an given application is run on your system.
2. Disk Clean Up
  Mini Dump Files Memory dump file records the smallest set of useful information that may help identify why your PC has stopped unexpectedly. This accumulated files can be of no use to you over a period of time and can be safely deleted by Remote Registry Cleaner.
  User Temporary Files Safely repair the temporary files created in the user folders.
  Invalid Shortcuts Deletes the shortcut files pointing to invalid files.
  CD Burn Temp Files Temporary files created during burning a CD or DVD will be cleaned.
  Thumbnail Cache Files Thumbnail files that are created while viewing preview of pictures or images can be cleaned up.
Downloaded Temp Files Temporary files created while downloading zip files or other program files from the internet can be safely deleted.
  Windows Temporary Files Temporary files created in the windows directory can be safely cleaned by Remote Registry Cleaner.
  Recently Used File Shortcuts The most recently used files are available as shortcuts and this can be easily fixed.
  Prefetch Application Cache Files Those Prefetch Application Cache Files that delays the boot up procedure can be fixed safely.
  Downloaded Installation Files Installation files downloaded through internet can be deleted once the installation is complete.
3. Internet Explorer Clean Up
  IE History Files History files stored by Internet Explorer browser can be deleted.
  IE Cookie Files Cookie files stored by different websites for tracking and saving temp info can be safely deleted.
  IE Temporary Internet Files Accumulated temporary files stored by Internet Explorer can be safely cleaned.
IE URL History The history of previously visited website urls in IE can be cleaned.
  IE Forms Data Forms data typed in various website forms are stored in the registry and is cleanable.
4. Firefox Clean Up
  Firefox Cookie Files Cookie files for Firefox web browser can be cleaned.
  Firefox Internet Cache Files Internet cache files for Firefox can be cleaned.
  Firefox Download History Download history details for Firefox internet browser can be fixed.
  Firefox Form Information Typed information in Firefox web browser forms can be deleted.
  Firefox Saved Passwords Login passwords of different websites that are saved during browsing with Firefox can be deleted.
  Firefox Search Information Search information stored by Firefox internet browser can be cleaned up.
Firefox Individual Page Settings Saved page settings for individual pages can be safely removed.
5. Systemwide Clean Up
  Temporary Files Custom search method to find out temporary files stored in a remote computer can be setup and the result can be removed for disk cleanup.
Unique Features of RemoteRegistryCleaner
World's first registry cleaner that fixes registry of remote PCs
Scan network registry for errors & fixes them effectively
Select the computers of your choice for scanning
Install in any one computer and scan the entire PCs in LAN
No need to install into all the computers in the LANe LAN
System Restore creation and restore option is included
Registry backup option is also included for better protection
Registry backup is useful in older PCs such as Win2000
Computer runs faster and error free
Boost system performance
Remove redundant and unwanted information from registry
Deletes un-used configuration data from Windows registry
Wipes out information that is no longer in use
Pick out the unnecessary data and repair PCs
Delay in Windows startup can be avoided
Scan & Fix any network PC in your LAN or Internet
Automatic restore point creation can be chosen
Automatic shutdown of PCs after fixing problems
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